Topic outline

  • Introduction to Gender Equality

    Welcome to Sida’s introductory course on gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment.

    Gender equality is achieved when women and men, girls and boys, have equal rights, life prospects and opportunities and power to shape their own lives and contribute to society. As one of the main thematic priorities for Swedish development cooperation, a gender equality perspective shall permeate all Sida’s work.

    Target group

    This course has been developed for all employees at Sida, Swedish Embassies and partner organisations.

    Learning objectives

    After active participation in the course, you will be able to:

    • define key gender equality concepts
    • explain how social norms, traditions and culture impacts gender equality
    • explain relevant international frameworks for gender equality
    • understand how gender equality is a precondition for sustainable development.


    Before taking this course you should complete the Introductory Quiz to Gender Equality.


    In the course you will find inspiring videos, reflection exercises and facts. You will also listen to telephone calls from some of your colleagues and partner organisations explaining how social norms affects gender roles and relations in different parts of the world. After completing the course you will have a solid understanding why gender equality is central to our work.

    The course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. The certificates mentioned in the course are only available to employees of Sida and the Government Offices.

    Contact person

    Lena Karlsson

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