Topic outline

  • Human Rights Based Approach

    The HRBA entails putting the human rights of people living in poverty and oppression at the centre of development cooperation. The HRBA is one of five perspectives that are compulsory to apply in Swedish development cooperation. All development co-operation, in all thematic areas, should further the realisation of human rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments.

    Course description

    Sida uses the PLANET tool to support Sida staff in applying the HRBA – in planning, assessment and follow-up of a contribution. PLANET can also guide you when you analyse a context, operationalise a development strategy and in dialogue with partners. This course will take you through each component of the PLANET tool, exploring what HRBA means and how it can be applied. You will also find related links and references to further reading material.

    Target groups

    • New employee
    • Employee HQ
    • UM-staff
    • Managers

    NOTE: ​If you are a Sida employee, this course has to be taken through Sida's internal learning platform.

    Learning objectives

      After completing the course you should:

    • Be able to explain what the HRBA is
    • Know why it should be applied in all thematic areas of development cooperation
    • Understand the basic components of the HRBA
    • Be familiar with the acronym of PLANET and how it can be used as a guide for Sida's work to apply HRBA - in contributions, context analysis, operationalisation of development strategies and dialogue with partners


    Be aware of and be able to locate Sida's HRBA toolbox on

    Contact persons

    Anette Dahlström

  • E-learning module