Topic outline

  • Sida's strategic approach to Environment and Climate, the EMS

    This course is a short learning module for all Sida’s staff and partners. It will take you on a journey across the globe, to learn more about Sida’s Environmental Management System and how you can contribute to reduce Sida’s environmental footprint and contribute to positive environmental performance.

    The Environmental Management System (EMS) is the foundation of Sida’s work within environment and climate change.

    Course description

    The course is developed as a learning journey that will take you around the world while learning about Sida’s strategic approach on environment and climate and how Sida’s Environmental Management System is part of that. The course will guide you through the main parts of the environmental management system and at the same time provide you with information about how the environmental situation looks like in some of Sida’s partner countries.

    Target group

    All Sida staff and partners

    NOTE: ​If you are a Sida employee, this course has to be taken through Sida's internal learning platform.

    Learning objectives

    • Understand why Sida works with environment and climate issues.
    • Learn about why Sida has an environmental management system and what it covers.
    • Gain knowledge over what is Sida’s largest environmental impact, both positive and negative.
    • Understand your role in Sida’s strategic work with environment and climate and how you can contribute to improve Sida’s environmental performance.


    No previous knowledge in this area is required.

    Contact person

    TEMA/Louise Herrmann

  • E-learning module