Topic outline

  • Putting the Pieces Together – Environmental integration for both people and the planet

    Sida is a central actor to contribute to the transformational change needed to ensure every person’s right and opportunity to live a decent life. Realizing this vision requires us to have a common understanding of sustainable development within the safe operating space of a stable and resilient planet. This course establishes the links between poverty reduction and the environment; defines Sida’s role in this intersection; and provides opportunities to practice integrating environment, climate change and biodiversity into operations. The course will provide you with the missing piece of the poverty puzzle.

    Target group

    The course is mandatory for all Sida staff at Sida headquarters and Swedish embassies. (Mandatory course according to AC-decision)

    • New employee
    • Employee HQ
    • UM-staff
    • Manager

    Learning objectives

    After active participation in the course, you will:

    • understand the links between poverty reduction and the environment,
    • understand why Sida as an organisation shall consider the environment and climate change perspective in all Swedish development cooperation,
    • feel confident to consider, analyse and integrate environment, climate change and biodiversity into operations and know where to ask for support.


    No previous knowledge in this area is required.

    Course description

    The course is designed as a puzzle – in each segment of the course, you will complete exercises in order to earn puzzle pieces. First, you will be introduced to the links between poverty reduction and the environment, followed by Sida’s role in this intersection. Next, you will get the opportunity to practice environmental integration by working with a fictive contribution. Finally, the course provides you with guidance for taking lessons learned with you in your daily work. Once all puzzle pieces have been collected, the pieces will be combined to reveal the transformation to an environmentally sustainable society for both people and the planet.

    The course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

    Reading material:

    Step-by-step guide for environmental integration into Sida’s operations

    Green Tool Box

    Contact person

    Jan Wärnbäck

  • Course content